Saturday, July 17, 2010


I just watched
End Of The Century
The Story of the Ramones
on Youtube

Amazing film.
I was never a big rock and roll guy. I love rock music and listen all of the time. And even though I did spend years running around going to clubs to see music, I never paid attention to who was in what group, or where groups came from, of who influenced them etc etc.
I guess I was always saving that stuff for the FIne Arts.
But this film was amazing and the story of the Ramones is great.
You have to wonder if those guys really got their due...really made it the way that so many other bands had, if they wouldn't have been so impossible to each other.
But then they wouldn't be the Ramones.

The lesson here is a shitty one. Some artists are born to struggle and have a shitty uphill battle.
I identify with this movie and only hope that I am not flailling in vain, if you know what I am talking about...

Friday, July 9, 2010

NYTimes dose it right!

Once you get over the sad news about LeBron...
Here is some good news in today's paper:

A link to an excellent review of the Lush-Life show I am in
at Sue Scott Gallery, and the rest of this sprawling show on the Lower East Side....

There is a nice photo of my bar in today's paper