Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Because I Am Not Richard Prince...

Here are some images from my new show at
Galerie Laurent Godin in
If you want to see the show, or need some more info,
try the website:
they are located at
5 rue du Grenier St-Lazare
75003 Paris


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just Got Back...

I just got back in town, I 've been traveling for a few weeks. The last 2 weeks were spent in Belgium.
I have a show in Brussels and it is a good one.

If You Really Want To See Me Go Away....
...Just Give Me Whatever It Is That I Want.

Aeroplastics Contmeporary
through October 30

Here are some images from the incredible space.

check out the website:

Saturday, July 17, 2010


I just watched
End Of The Century
The Story of the Ramones
on Youtube

Amazing film.
I was never a big rock and roll guy. I love rock music and listen all of the time. And even though I did spend years running around going to clubs to see music, I never paid attention to who was in what group, or where groups came from, of who influenced them etc etc.
I guess I was always saving that stuff for the FIne Arts.
But this film was amazing and the story of the Ramones is great.
You have to wonder if those guys really got their due...really made it the way that so many other bands had, if they wouldn't have been so impossible to each other.
But then they wouldn't be the Ramones.

The lesson here is a shitty one. Some artists are born to struggle and have a shitty uphill battle.
I identify with this movie and only hope that I am not flailling in vain, if you know what I am talking about...

Friday, July 9, 2010

NYTimes dose it right!

Once you get over the sad news about LeBron...
Here is some good news in today's paper:

A link to an excellent review of the Lush-Life show I am in
at Sue Scott Gallery, and the rest of this sprawling show on the Lower East Side....


There is a nice photo of my bar in today's paper


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I was at an opening the other night. I ran into this friend of mine. She is a painter and when I saw her she was chatting with this other guy who I found out is a painter too. So this woman says to us, "You know, all three of us where all in the same show together once..." And it turned out to be true. Back in the summer of 1995 we'd all been in a big group show at a gallery called
K and E on Broome Street in SoHo. It was a show called HOT.
I showed a big flashing sign that said the word SEXY on the floor made with wood and painted metal and light bulbs.
.At the time all of my work was letters and words. Giant welded steel sentences that said things like, "NICE GUYS FINISH LAST..." over and over again. Collages with torn photos and rub on letters.
The director of the gallery really liked my work. We'd done a show together already and she told
me she really wanted to keep working together, but the owner of the gallery didn't like the work.
She told me my work was "too abstract."
It was all words and letters! There was nothing abstract about it.

Anyway I bring this up because I was talking to a friend of mine last night who was sort of considering all of the work in my show up at A.Bartos. So this guys says,"You know, the only piece in the show that doesn't have any words is the Van Gogh painting..."
Which is sort of true except for the furniture and wall pieces etc. But the funny part was
for some reason my immediate response was,
"...The Applause Sign doesn't have any words, either!"
See. I guess I'm not so smart after all.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nice review

Here is a link to a nice review for my show
at A.Bartos FA.
Please check it out....

Written by Helen Homan Wu. I think she likes it.

here are some images recently sent to me from the gallery:

BEACH WEEKEND with Friends

I spent the weekend at the beach. A friend's beach house. There with our friends and and their friends,
a large group of almost twenty adults and kids. It is difficult enough for me to navigate living in a house with anyone else (i.e. my wife and kid) but somehow I managed the weekend with four other families and their rules and regulations and behaviors.

Of course, as you can imagine, at a certain point the subject of parenting actually came up and was discussed, open for review. Everyone had opinions on how to do it, and had no trouble expressing them. I am kind of an unusual parent in that I will openly admit from time to time that parenting is hard, if not impossible. Having a kid has really only taught me one thing about my own up bringing: that my parents were terrible parents. Nice people, but TERRIBLE parents. I didn't learn anything.

So somehow we all got onto the topic of our kid's cursing and fouled mouths and I admitted that
just because I have a kid I haven't stopped myself from cursing at all. I actually like cursing as I think it adds flavor to any dull conversation. And I admitted that I didn't really mind so much at all that my son was developing a potty mouth too. I was only concerned that he used his curses well. Economically. I just want him to be able to curse with a flourish, Then no one would complain as they would be charmed by the great use of language.

Anyway, as I said there were other families around. Families that seemed as comfortable with praying before dinner as I am with telling my son to "get his ass in bed before I come in there and beat the crap out of him!"
I could tell that I was making some folks blush. But it wasn't for affect, I swear. I was only sharing my parenting secrets.

Anyway, later at dinner on one of the nights there, we all got to talking about our kids again
and I was saying that my son had recently become very interested in this lousy Mel Brooks movie, SPACEBALLS.
THis was a shitty spoof of the Star Wars series and it was not only not funny but really probably the most shameful moment in Brooks' career. Everyone at the table agreed. So I announced that I had recently told my son that I was going to show him BLAZING SADDLES as he aught to at least be taught what a good Mel Brooks film looks like at home. He shouldn't have to learn this stuff on the street.
Well, one of the parents sent her wine flying through her nose and I was suddenly silenced by a wave of coughing that drowned out my my educational thesis.

I think that I learned something of great value here which of course like all good lessons is nothing new, just the stating of the most obvious. Those who can't do teach. Those who do, do. And it is best to keep your mouth shut when it is obvious to everyone that you have absolutely no idea what it is that you are doing.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Opening Was Great

The show at Armand Bartos Fine Art is great. The opening was a lot of fun.I was super happy with the crowd. So many great people. I couldn't help myself so much so that I burst into song!


Here's a link:

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Motion Deconstructed
Private View June 9th, 6:30 – 9:00 PM, at the Classic Car Club, a show curated by Gary Krimershmoys of Quintessentially Art
I love my automobile..she is my life, my artistic and spiritual life..full of riches..she is more dear, more useful, more full of education than my library, where the closed books sleep on their spines, than my paintings, which hang dead on my walls all around me, with their immobile shy, tree, water and figures..
Octave Mirbeau, La 628-E8, 1908
Art and the automobile are two of the most luxurious, aspirational and divisive objects in humanity’s recent history. At the Motion Deconstructed show, we would like to invite you to take a contemporary look at what art can say about the automobile’s place in a modern society.
Motion Deconstructed deals with the myriad of ways society fetishizes the beauty of the car, uses it as a status symbol and makes it one of the primary materialistic goals of people’s labours, but without bypassing its dark side as a clogger of streets and junkyards. Here you will not find traditional scenes in automotive art depicting race cars going around racetracks or shining as they park on a well manicured lawn. The themes of beauty and banality that are present in automobiles, juxtaposed with the auto-exotica in the Club, should make the viewer question what the connection of art and the mechanized society in motion means.
Classic Car Club is an ideal venue to show the physical link between art and cars, a much more evocative place then the traditional white box of the gallery. The group exhibition will showcase the work of Indira Cesarine, Lawrence Heller, David Kramer, Oksana Mas, John Melville, Kimberly du Ross, and Aaron Young.
Location: Classic Car Club, 250 Hudson Street, NYC http://classiccarclubmanhattan.com/
To RSVP or for further information on Motion Deconstructed and the artists at the exhibition, contact Gary Krimershmoys or Lara Lorenzana at artny@quintessentially.com. And check out Quintessentially Art’s broad range of services at www.quintessentiallyart.com

Sunday, May 30, 2010

OK so here is a bigger image
The show is at
Armand Bartos Fine Art
25E73rd Street
I hope you can make it there!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Seems Like We've Been Down This Road Before

Here is the first official word of an upcoming show for June 9.
Details to follow but
mark your calendars.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Television Appearance

I was on television as part of
NJ Arts Channel's program
this week....
It is a piece about a show that I am part of in NEWARK, NJ at
cWOW. The show is called LOL
curated by Larry Walczak....

You can watch the piece here:

The piece is called
Art With A Twist and it is about 10 minutes long.
Worth the watch