Thursday, June 3, 2010


Motion Deconstructed
Private View June 9th, 6:30 – 9:00 PM, at the Classic Car Club, a show curated by Gary Krimershmoys of Quintessentially Art
I love my automobile..she is my life, my artistic and spiritual life..full of riches..she is more dear, more useful, more full of education than my library, where the closed books sleep on their spines, than my paintings, which hang dead on my walls all around me, with their immobile shy, tree, water and figures..
Octave Mirbeau, La 628-E8, 1908
Art and the automobile are two of the most luxurious, aspirational and divisive objects in humanity’s recent history. At the Motion Deconstructed show, we would like to invite you to take a contemporary look at what art can say about the automobile’s place in a modern society.
Motion Deconstructed deals with the myriad of ways society fetishizes the beauty of the car, uses it as a status symbol and makes it one of the primary materialistic goals of people’s labours, but without bypassing its dark side as a clogger of streets and junkyards. Here you will not find traditional scenes in automotive art depicting race cars going around racetracks or shining as they park on a well manicured lawn. The themes of beauty and banality that are present in automobiles, juxtaposed with the auto-exotica in the Club, should make the viewer question what the connection of art and the mechanized society in motion means.
Classic Car Club is an ideal venue to show the physical link between art and cars, a much more evocative place then the traditional white box of the gallery. The group exhibition will showcase the work of Indira Cesarine, Lawrence Heller, David Kramer, Oksana Mas, John Melville, Kimberly du Ross, and Aaron Young.
Location: Classic Car Club, 250 Hudson Street, NYC
To RSVP or for further information on Motion Deconstructed and the artists at the exhibition, contact Gary Krimershmoys or Lara Lorenzana at And check out Quintessentially Art’s broad range of services at

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