Monday, April 6, 2009

GM Rally Caps- I am not inspired...

I was watching TV tonight. I hardly ever do.
But anyway I was watching this ad for
GM, and they were saying that America is ready for a come back!
That it is time for us to put on our "rally caps"!

GOD I hope that we don't give any more money to that company
if that is what they are coming up with to get them
back on track.
It is just tragic really.

Oh-my lord, America is in trouble.
WHo are they trying to Rally over here? Us or them...


Distributorcap said...

i want a rally cap - so i can put my Gerald Ford WIN button on it!

i am so glad our tax dollars are going for rally caps

probably made in china

david kramer said...

Very funny...

viagra online said...

Interesting point of view you have, I tend to agree on the point that, who indeed are they going to rally over?

xlpharmacy said...

I remember this ad, you are right it was a bold statement.