Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pot Belly's are way cool.

Did ya see the article in the NYTimes Style Section today?
The one by Guy Trebay? It's Hip to be Round.

So according to the piece, Hipster Dudes in Williamsburg are now sporting bellies.
Brooklyn ' Kramdens. It is a sign of totally cool oneness with one's oneness to sport a paunch. I just love the New York Times and there ability to generate a story even if there isn't a story to be told. I mean, come on! It is hip to be a chubby dude. THis is not news to me. Let me just say that I have been sporting a Kramden for years and years ago I was using Ralph Kramden as my Brooklyn Alter ego, measuring myself against his pathos.
Listen here NYTimes, get to the back of the bus for Pete's sake.


prolonged hacking and gnawing said...

You are right...not about pot bellies being cool but about the Times ability to generate a non-story in the dog days of August. Geez.

david kramer said...

That was really my premise here when I started to write. That the Times can generate a non-story into a story....I just got carried away with the whole thing about the pot bellies and also about me being a trend setter ahead of the curve.
Sorry about that.

Distributorcap said...

i wonder if this related to health care

knithound brooklyn said...

More related to the hipster population in Williamsburg is clearly getting older. Oh well.

You're right David - silly story, shame on NYT.

Anonymous said...

This is a feeble attempt for out of shape and lazy people to try to deem themselves cool. Being in shape will always be the most desired look no matter what rubbish people try to say by manufacturing an article to steer public opinion. It is hard to get not many have them...which makes them sought after.

Anonymous said...

hey david, kris from canada here, check out turbonegro's "everybody loves a chubby dude" and feel awesome!

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