Monday, June 18, 2012

I have committed myself to becoming a better person this week. I had one of those nights where I went to sleep feeling angry at the world but woke up determined to make myself better and correct all of my faults. I am going to take advantage of what little time I have left on this planet. Hopefully another 20-30 years.

I have Jury Duty this morning and I am going to march right in there and tell them that I want out.
I am the primary care-giver to an under 16-year old child and I have the right to excuse myself from participating so I can be home on time to get my child off the bus, given a snack, and planted in front of the computer so I can take a nap and relax before the challenges of making dinner and entertaining small-talk with my busy wife when she gets home from her high-powered job.

I am going to take full advantage of my rights to excuse myself and I am going to use that time to my advantage. THis is the first day of the rest of my life and I promise not to drop the ball, this time.


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