Friday, July 31, 2009


BEER SUMMIT WAS DUMB, AESTHETICALLY SPEAKING. But maybe effective. The so-called summit arranged by
Barack Obama to diffuse the fallout of the arrest of the Harvard professor (Henry Lewis Gates Jr, for breaking into his own house), was
flawed and in desperate need of an art director to give this thing some much needed help and authenticity and flavor.

First of all, they should have done this in a bar after work. What a joke to meet up in the Rose Garden around some K Mart looking table and chairs. If they had to do it in the Rose Garden, how about a grill and some hot dogs? Men like to stand when they are in the back yard drinking....
And come on! Beer Mugs?! These guys should have been drinking out of the bottle.
I could live with them having pint glasses for their drinks. But beer mugs!!!
It all looked so goofy and staged.

Here's what I wanted to see:
I want to see these guys gathered round the corner stools of the corner bar after work, drinking up their beers and having a wise-cracking bartender looming near by bringing them the next rounds and taking the money out of piles of cash sitting in front of these guys. And for some real flavor, I wanted to see the cop in uniform, with his gun on his belt, tipping back his bottle of Bud.
And how about a Marlboro for Mr. President? Go for it.

I was glad to see that Joe Biden turned up to down a non-alcoholic beverage. Turns out he doesn't drink. Hmmm. (There goes that excuse Joe.)

Having said all of this, maybe the summit was a success.
I could not help but smile when I read the quote of
Mr. Gates Jr. when the summit was over....
He said of Sgt. James Crowley (the white cop that busted him);

"...turns out he's not such a bad guy...when he's not arresting you!"

I have to admit after reading this quote I smiled and thought of another President with whom
people seemed to think it would be a fun to have a beer with. "Mission accomplished". I am not thinking about race issues when it comes to this unfortunate episode, anymore..


Distributorcap said...

good point - i forgot about the other beer president ---

the media lives and thrives to jump on gaffes .... and this was just another in an example of that.

no wonder we are falling into an abyss

Mark said...

Frankly the whole thing made me want to puke.

#1 - It really looks like they ran out that afternoon to K-Mart and bought the table and chairs just for the "event".
#2 - I guess while they were at K-Mart they realized they would need beer mugs - ain't no way BO is drinking from the bottle, no less a proper can of Bud!!
#3 - I would like to see a snap shot of the scene a few minutes later. I am willing to bet Barry took one sip and that was it.

david kramer said...

I agree the whole this was silly. But made you want to puke? Maybe after a few beer-bongs and shots of tequila
I could see the puking part coming into this.

Thanks for you words.