Friday, July 31, 2009

getting over it

It is not even August yet and already I have slipped into the
abyss. I do not know what happens to me every summer, but every summer I wind up
in this murky place waiting out for life post-labor day to begin.

This summer was supposed to be different.
The weather has been most un summer-like.
I have a couple of projects that I am working on.
Lots of personal reasons to be motivated and happy and

I am going to commit myself to living out the next month without
complaint or boredom.

I am going to make myself a little promise here to
ignore my August swoon. I am going to use my computer and make a calendar page
that has all of August printed out on it with SEPTEMBER* written
across the top.

I am tired of pissing away my summers whining about it.
Turn on the air conditioner and get busy.
That is my mantra for the day.


Distributorcap said...

well it has been a weird summer - a lot of rain in june, only ONE day over 90 degrees - in April

and now it is Aug 1......

Jul said...

I know the feeling. If only I had an air conditioner to switch on... (Germans are not big on a/c. Not even the movie theaters have it. Sigh.)