Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Recently I have had this series things happen to me
where I have been asked by other artists for studio visits or career advice
or have been treated like some sort of expert in my field, and I am not quite sure where all of this change
in perception has really come from. Recently this woman asked me to come over to her
studio for a visit. I was really flattered and of course I said YES. I mean, who wouldn't want to
be told how great you are and generous, just for showing up, while some complete strange tells you her most intimate
secrets and desires. And although I completely played down the value of my expertise, the woman pushed me
for career advice and a how-to as to how-to get a gallery. I had to think fast, so I told her that
the whole trick to getting a gallery was to get someone to know that you exist and what kind of work it is that you do, and then treat them like you have far bigger fish to fry. I said it was all remarkably like dating, and that she should read that book
"THE RULES" and adopt this whole strategy and her career would start to take off like a rocket ship.
I told her she she read up on Dale Carnegie and get a copy of "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" and
bone up on all of the self-help books that she could get her hands on.
She asked me if I had anything coming up on my own schedule and I told her that recently I had casually
met the European Art Dealer, and now I was channeling all of my "power of positive thinking" and
using what I had learned from watching "The Secret" DVD and that I am fully expecting to be doing a show with that guy soon.
I left her and walked to the subway and I decided to start walking bow-legged because I thought it would give off the impression to those who saw me that I was really much better endowed than I really am.

You know, when I was a young artist, I was really shy and awkward, and
I would never have had the guts to ask any artist for career advice. So I take a lot of pride that everything
that I have actually been able to accomplish as an artist as it has come completely from my own hard work and difficult lessons learned. As far as being treated like an expert in my field, there is one thing that I really believe that
I have become something of an expert in and that is in learning how to
learn from my mistakes.
My problem is that I am still not all that good
at identifying what it is that I am actually doing right.
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