Monday, March 30, 2009


Every year I somehow find some friend who works in an office to get me some access to
join in on their NCAA March Madness Pool. I fill out the boxes and pony up the $10 or 20 bucks.
I do this even though I know that I am just throwing away my money , cause I don't know shit about the sport.

This year I don't have a sniff. Not a dog left in this fight. This is really not all that different from the past. It turns out that I have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to sports.

But here is the thing...years ago I got lucky and won a pool. I was still in college and I went to school in Washington DC and hated Georgetowmn and Patrick Ewing and somehow picked Villanova out of spite and ended up wining a pile of money. SO now I am hooked. i still throw my money into the pool even though I know I should just flush the money down the toilet. But winning once has gotten me totally hooked.

Now I am wondering if this behavior is not all that different than my behavior when it comes to how I handle my art career. I mean, I am sitting here right now without anything on my scheduled horizon and I am telling myself, "Just come up with something BIG and you'll be right back in business!" Like I keep telling myself that if I just keep on antiing up, sooner or later I will get dealt a good hand and win all the money on the table.

One of these years I am going to finally decide to sit one of these gambling situations out. But right now I feel like one of those guys in the casino in Vegas looking for the desk where you can go and take some money out off of your credit card.
Because I've had a couple of winning hands in the past, I must get lucky again sooner or later.


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