Sunday, December 28, 2008


Facebook is a really strange thing. Or is that place? I can't figure that out either.
There are some things that I just love about it, like looking up people like Bianca Jagger and trying to hook up with her friends. I mean, I haven't had that kind of a chance at social advancement since they closed down Studio 54.
But then the other day I managed to invite everyone who is on my email list to join and become a member with me which was a completely embarrassing mistake. I felt totally stupid and humiliated when that message went out. But here is something strange that happened to me just a day or so later. I got invited to be a Facebook pal by some guy who never responds to my emails and invitations for things like studio visits, ever. So what should I have thought? That he was as stupid as I am and just sent me an invite by mistake? Or he was sending me an invite to see if I would respond and maybe find out what kind of a jerk that I am? Maybe I was over thinking this whole thing, so I responded that I was happy to be his friend. I don't think he is suddenly going to start behaving like a real human being anytime soon just because I was being polite. But I thought I would at least try to act civilized anyway, even if it won't get me anywhere except for now being associated with this clown when someone starts checking in to see who I am really friends with.


Shonda Little said...

I just got acquainted with facebook and find it kind of difficult to navigate since I am a long-time myspacer and they are different. However, I have found though the social networking sites that it is sooo much easier to stay in touch with people. You see their updates and remember that you need to talk to them for whatever reason. I am in the middle of planning a high school reunion and this has made it so much easier.
So, it is hard for me to say what's up with dude, but I will say that myspace has made it so easy for me to keep up with people who live like a mile away. Run with it.

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