Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Tonight I decided to go out to buy a couple of gifts. It is the holiday season, after all, and I was too tired and lazy to go to my studio. I went to Macy's which, other than Old Navy, where I tend to shop. It is only a few blocks from my house. Anyway, for those keeping score, the place was empty. Even one of the sales people said
"it's been dead" when I asked if it seemed a little quiet.

Every year I think I ought to get a job at Macy's or some place like that, when these places start to hire for the holiday season. I don't have a job usually and I am always in need of money.
But then I always end up talking myself out of it. I am always afraid that I might run into someone I know while working at the register and then they will know that I don't have anything that good going on. It is, of course, totally true, but I don't want anyone to think that.

Which reminds me of an old roommate I once had while I was in school. We were both getting degrees in the arts and even while we were in the middle of our programs and totally engaged in what we were studying, both of us would talk openly about what a total waste of time and money Art School was. Anyway, I remember my friend saying that after school was over, he was going to go right back to his old home town and go and get a job at the local A&P bagging groceries. He was really looking forward, he said , to running into his parents friends. And when they asked what he was doing with his life, he would tell them, "What do you mean?...This is my life..." I remember laughing with him at the irony of all of this and thinking this was hysterical. We both thought we were so funny and above this. Looking back I must say that I don't think that this is all that funny at all. And I am not so sure what I thought was so funny in the first place.

You know, sometimes I wish I had maybe moved out of my old home town and tried to live in some place that I didn't know and nobody knew me. Not that it would have mattered much, I am sure. But at least I could look back at my old school days and
they might actually start to look more like they are distant memories.


Anonymous said...

FYI, I noticed that your "Garanteed pre-approved line of credit" work has gotten a great deal of airplay on tumbler blogs.

And the next time you are in Macy's, you might consider shoplifting something small. It might bring you a little closer you the memories of young adulthood or it might get you arrested and the resulting intensity of suffering can be channeled into a new artistic direction or something. Think about it, you aren't getting any younger are you? A devil-may-care shoplifting arrest might actually be a breakout spark! Oh, forget it, such a thing is only reckless and delusional I suppose.

--Phil C

Anonymous said...

Old Navy?

david kramer said...

We used to call shoplifting-
but that was mostly candy.

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