Tuesday, January 13, 2009

7 days left.

Today marks one week until Barak Obama gets sworn in as the next President of the United States. Yesterday GW Bush made his last press conference as acting Commander and Chief.
I don't know about you but I am stuck here in a holding pattern just waiting for this week to pass. I have a show up in a gallery, no one is buying much of anything.I talk to people in all kinds of businesses, they are stuck too. I know the economy sucks. We all are feeling the pain and hurting. And I certainly don't think Obama is going to come in and make manna from heaven over here. We have some pretty big problems to deal with. But PLEASE! Let's get this boob out of office. Yesterday during Bush's press conference, he admitted he'd made some mistakes. You know, he said he probably shouldn't have said "Mission Accomplished!" so soon. He should have waited until he was done writing checks to all of his buddies before that. During his run in office the Oil people got rich. The military industrial complex made a fortune. The auto industry got a check. The banks. Every last cent and crumb was vacuumed out of the cabinets. There is just one more week to pardon all of his friends on his way out the door and then I think we should put out the banner. The only thing that he didn't do that he wanted was to hand the White House keys over to a Republican. But he never liked John McCain anyway. SO things didn't turn out that bad.
I hope this is my last rant about Bush. But he still has a week to fuck something else up.

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Jul said...

I'm counting down the days, too. I'm even throwing a party for the occasion.