Monday, January 19, 2009


SO I had an unusually good and bad weekend all wrapped up into one. After my hissyfit about the NYTimes ignoring the NY Art scene by not reviewing any shows because of the inauguration, I went to my studio....Then I got my car towed on Friday which absolutely sucked and I would
argue was completely unfair. I knew I was close to that fucking handicap curb cut when I parked there. I looked and make a quick study of the situation and determined that it was not crossing any legal boundaries. But some fuck disagreed, and I found myself down at the tow pound. I was not allowed to get my car because of an outstanding ticket which I had been refusing to pay because I got that one for a SIMILAR infraction of inches (this time near a hydrant). SO I wound up in down town Brooklyn, arguing my case to a "judge" in a cubicle who told me I was guilty as charged, and the tiny check that I had just deposited that morning, for my work for the NYTimes, totally evaporated. I stopped by my gallery where my show is and was we all commiserated about the show not getting enough due attention, and how the economy had completely wrecked the chances for any sales at the moment. I went home and read in my friends' blog from Buffalo, NY a shout out to me saying that I was now obviously doing so well that I was going to have to change my act and stop complaining about everything....

So Saturday I went out to work early and got a real lot of excellent work done in my studio and even though it is never going to go anywhere in terms of helping to bail out my money situation, I was very pleased with myself. So I went out to Chelsea to look at some shows on my way home and stopped into a couple of galleries where I received tons of praise for my good show and also lots of commissary for the lack of sales across the art world. Then this one gallery owner woman said something totally funny...Her gallery is about as close to the Hudson River as you can be without falling in,and she said that the other day when the plan went down over there she ran over to look and could not believe her eyes. There were people being ferried over to the piers near where she was standing close enough to see that "people were walking around and didn't even have wet hair". She said they looked cold but everyone was totally healthy. No blood to body bags! This was big. So then this woman goes on to make this inspirational metaphorical speech about how this was a sign that things were going to turn out OK. ANd that Tuesday, when we get a new president, everything is going to start to turn around. Things are bad, but we will pull through. Well, I took that right spirit right to the bank and took out one of my last $100 and filled my wallet with a sense of hope.
Everything is going to be OK. I look forward to tomorrow and I am happy to be alive today. Tomorrow morning, I am heading straight down to the Parking Violations Burro and appealing my tickets!. That's right, the people will not be kept down.
So somehow I was inspired this weekend. In my book, it was n't such a bad weekend afterall.


Dan Callahan said...

LOL, I received a note in November that the economy was so bad that Drug and Alcohol Rehabs would feel the crunch and that people would not be able to afford treatment! The world was ending!!!! I thought what a load of crap! Then I thought wow if that is what they think I am gonna kick their ass! We already have the best program now the competition is hung up in the media's assessment that we are screwed, perfect!

I live by mantra "focus on what I want and I get exactly that"! Our referrals continue to grow. Please don't tell the other centers!

Dan Callahan :)

Lorrie Veasey said...

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm I forgot what I was going o say because Dan Callahan put some sort of hocus pocus mind spell on me or something.

I like the whole "people did not die on the plane therefore things will get better" way of makes me hopeful about the new "pilot" who starts tomorrow. I am also thinking maybe...just maybe....they'll start serving salted peanuts again.

PS your weekend would have been better if you'd seen the Veaseys. Not that i am self promotin or anything, Dan.