Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 8- Time to start blaming people...

All bets are off on my New Year's Resolutions at this point. I have done
everything with in my power to fulfill my promise. I said on New Year's that this year I wanted to make a Million Dollars and I have done just about everything possible to try to make that happen so far, and so far I have not made a dime.
It is time to start blaming people for why my life is not turning out the way that I planned....
Now comes step 8 of the plan...find somebody to blame.
I am blaming George W. Bush for why my financial situation has gone completely down the toilet. It is all his fault. I have seen checks written to all of his friends
for millions, if not billions of dollars since he took office. He set up the military contractors, he helped out the banks and paid off the insurance companies. He sent some money off to the car makers. Now I want to know where my million dollar check is. On your way out the fucking door, can't you just write one for check. You have already completely destroyed the economy worse than your old man did, and made a mockery the good name of this country and your own family's legacy (let's hope) so why not try in a final move to do a little trickle up economics and send me a check for a million and I will use that money to generate a whole new economy by spending it all over town lavishing the stores that I patronize with my good business.Hey I know that blaming Bush is old news and inappropriate at this point...but there are only a couple of weeks left. I just wanted to get my last licks in on Bush, so-to-speak... DK

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Lorrie Veasey said...

OMG I am totally with you. I am going to blame whoever invented deli food. And snacks. And anything else with calories.

So little time, so many things to Google.