Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year's Resolution:Day 6

I was thinking about my Million Dollar Idea today as I went to the bank and took out some money from my ever diminishing reserves. I was thinking today that maybe, just maybe I should should start thinking about things in a slightly different way.

Maybe what I need is instead of a Million Dollar Idea what I need is a couple of 1/2 Million Dollar Ideas to work with. Then I wouldn't have to have so much pressure on the one idea. Not that I am already giving up on my last idea...but I am having a lot of trouble locating enough Vintage Concert T-Shirts to really go into production for my Pillow company. So instead of wasting all my time at the Goodwill,and checking out Ebay or waiting for someone to leave an old concert T-shirt at my house, I think the new approach of having more than one Million Dollar Idea might be pretty smart and might actually start to put some food on the table. I am pretty pleased with myself for coming up with this new approach.

I told my wife about my new angle here and she said, " Why don't you come up with a Million One Dollar Ideas, and then we could really start making some money.
I hate when she acts like she is all smarter than me. It kind of pisses me off.


knithound brooklyn said...

That's funny!

Manifestation said...

Yep Million dollar indeed.Thanks for sharing.Have a great time.

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The Drinker said...

Mrs Toothless Alcoholic may well be wandering round with a look of beatific, even Buddha-like intelligence on her face, but you surely have plenty of ripostes.

"Each idea's going to take me ten minutes - at least - to come up with my love," you could say. I can't be arsed to do the maths but 10 million minutes is surely a long time.

Perhaps you could meet somewhere in the middle with 10 $100,000 ideas, or even 100 $10,000 meetings. Compromise is always the way, oh yes.

Best from Cardiff,

The Cardiff Drunk.

david kramer said...

I am not very good at math. Thanks. DK