Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I had this job once many years ago working as a landscaper. I was living in Washington
DC at the time, I had just gotten out of school. My friend would pick me up in the morning in his jeep and he would bring a bong in his over sized glove compartment and we would take bong hits and drive to the house of the guy who owned the company, listening
to Robert Plant. We'd pick up a van filled with equipment and get a list of addresses of homes which needed our landscaping attention and then drive to Seven-Eleven and get Big Gulps and start our day. In the van we would always listen to Howard Stern as he was on the air back then in DC. Neither of us really liked Howard Stern over all, but we both agreed that everyday he said something that would make us laugh out loud. He always would manage to get a big rise. SO we agreed that as soon as we laughed out loud we would turn off our radio and get out of the van and get right to work on that note. SOmetimes we sat in the van for quite a while waiting for that perfect moment outside of the clients' house.
I have started to have a similar approach to Facebook.On Facebook's home page the account holder is asked "WHAT ARE YOU DOING RIGHT NOW?" One time I wrote down that I was on Facebook right now. But for most people it provides an up to the moment account what my friends are doing. I like to check in and find out. ANd sometimes I see something that let's me know that it is time to turn off the computer and start my day, or just get back to work.
Here are two such RIGHT NOW quotes that I got at just about the same moment...
Jamie writes that she 'Just had a wicked hot Bickram Class with Svenya at the original Bikram Yoga!"
And at almost the same time I got this from Jenny....Jenny is feeling the sadness of the world...
I turned off my computer and started on with my morning tea when I mentioned these completely polar opposite emotional sign posts for how my day might turn out.
I mentioned this to my wife and she just shrugged. "Sounds like you're going to have a room temperature kind of day, if you ask me..."

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