Monday, October 20, 2008


I was very impressed to learn that former Secretary of State Colin Powell came out over the weekend and endorsed Barak Obama in his run for President. I have always been impressed by that man. I heard the tapes of his moment on Meet The Press on Sunday where he made his endorsement, and boy was I impressed again. His take down of the subversive Republican Party strategy of calling out Obama as secretly being a Muslim was amazing. He stood up for Obama, who happens to be a Christian, and then went onto to say (and I paraphrase here),
'And what's wrong with anyone being a Muslim anyway?' 'What, a kid who is a Muslim American can't be allowed to dream of one day being President of the United States just 'cause they're a Muslim?' 
Powell took to task this point and other pointed and divisive strategies of his own party and slammed them for taking down American values by trying to paint America as a monolithic country of conservative white values. He said so many things that I have said; but who cares if I feel this way....I am just some liberal New York Jew. But to hear this from Powell was so damn meaningful. Powell is the man.
I have always been impressed by Powell. I admit I have let him slide for his bullshitting the UN about the weapons of mass destruction before the war in Iraq, mostly because I felt he was put up to it and also because he left the Administration afterwards in self imposed exile.
But I am glad that he is back and I am glad to hear his views.