Wednesday, October 22, 2008


OK. So I admit that I am a little bit disappointed by the response and turn out to my last post. I had sent out into the ether my best swing for the fences with all of the home spun research and ground up optimism that I could muster. But as the old me would have said, "Why is it every time I try to put some extra mustard on anything, I just wind up getting it all over my shirt!"
But the new, improved me will not go there. I am thinking positive. :)

Last night I trotted out my master plan to rule the Internet through my new viral marketing strategy to think positive thoughts, and tried it out on my wife.... She was not impressed.  Our conversation went something like this.

Me: How was your day?
Her: Good.
Me: What'd you do today?
Her: Go to my office. What do you think?
Me: Guess what? Today I came up with a strategy to rule the Internet through a viral marketing campaign designed to channel my positive thoughts into world domination and ultimately millions, if not billions of dollars.
Her: What does "viral marketing" mean?
Me: Ummm, you know. It's like when everybody starts thinking the same thoughts all at once it is in the air. Sort of a grass roots type of thing , only much bigger.

So you see, interference right here at home.
My strategy has hit it's first bump in the road.
:) My response. Ha! I will remain focused. I have a game plan.

Day 2
Note to myself:
Find a dictionary written in the last five years.


Lorrie Veasey said...

Tell me more Mr. Kramer and let me know how big your coattails are, and if they are comfortable to ride on-because I am with you. Even though I often have no clue what the heck you are talking about. Where is the blog by that son of yours?

RobRubin said...

Dave, to take-over the Internet via Viral Marketing, you'll need to use some viral marketing tools.

Do you think your readers would want to subscribe to an email version of your blog? Then you can enable your readers to tell their friends, who tell their friends, etc.

I'd be glad to help (call me).

david kramer said...

I have a grass roots project going on here.
What do you recommend? A lawn mower?
Let's talk. DK

Bj in Dallas said...

I had a crazy neighbor that thought McDonalds was puttin something in their food to make us all think alike...I guess he thought Ray Croc or whatever that guys name was would rise from the dead and take over the world...
I've been reading the blogs quicklywithout many comments lately because of too much shit going on in my life right now, but don't worry, we've got your back down here in Texas. So do I get a cut of the virtual money you are going to make?

Skanky Jane said...

We use Feedburner - for subscriptions - check it out - it's free!

Sorry re pics (and thanks for comments!) when we said "in a minute" we were talking skanky a couple of posts to put up - then another ST2k one - with the pics - thanks for your interest AND....

if you wanna use Skanky's BBox anytime - let us know - it's big and welcoming - that is - free posts (with links) for artists and arts writers (and muso's and writers in general) - AND AND AND - if you provide an article - you get to join the Bargain Box Bunch and have a permanent link in SJ's (popular) BBox!

Balhatain said...

Feedburner can cause some probs. I'm wary of it.