Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My Friends. Many of you may have noticed that I have not made a new entry onto my blog in quite some time. I had, in fact, suspended all blogging activities over the past few days in an effort to turn all of my attention to the current global financial crisis that has affected so many of us.
And now that the ship seems to have been righted, and the Dow has only lost like a hundred points today, I feel confident that I can return to my duties here. 
In truth, I was in Philadelphia. With renewed confidence in the economy we decided t to go away. My kid had a long weekend off from school, and we decided to take a little overnight-day-trip. There were so many interesting  things to do there, and with renewed confidence in the shaky economy, we decided to roll the dice and have a little get-away. One of the first things that we did was to go to the Liberty Bell. We had to wait on a line to get in and the anticipation was ripe. My son asked those historically relevant burning questions like, "Why do we have to wait on line to see a stupid bell!" and "What's the big deal about a broken bell?!" and Can we go now....Where's the hotel... 
While waiting on line, I had my  own thoughts. I was thinking about my son's questions about "what's the big deal about a broken bell..." I started to think about the guy who made the bell and how lucky he must have felt when he found out that his defective piece of shit product had turned into a national treasure. I was thinking about him sitting there, shaking in his boots waiting to be sued by the Constitutional Congress for his piece of shit bell, only to be showered with praise when someone figured out that the broken bell was a good thing. A symbol of FREEDOM.
I started to laugh at the inside joke of all of this and how America always seems to have been a country of positive thinkers who where able to turn lemons into lemonade. Americans always want to see the cup as half full. And then, that is when  I started to worry. I started to worry that  the stock market jitters were over. And that the  price of gas was going down, to give all Americans a certain strident step that we've been missing. I started to think that maybe things are going to start getting a little bit better and that people were going to start adopting that stupid "If-it-works-don't-fix-it" attitude that Americans are so good at adopting.
I hate to say it but I started to think that I hope things get a little bit more fucked up around here for just a couple more weeks, or we are going to end up electing McSame over here.


Lorrie Veasey said...

My dad saw him in Midtown day before yesterday. He said he looked angry. And much shorter in person.

david kramer said...
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david kramer said...

He's Angry short and OLD.
I am still young enough to get away with making fun of him fro being old.
I will lay off the short and angry, for now.