Thursday, November 6, 2008


My wife called me this afternoon and said, "Can we play that game that you play?"
She was at work having a tough day and needed to capture a big blast of enthusiasm to take
care of one last job to finish out her day. This was the first time that she ever put it this way; calling
it "The Game" that I play. Apparently, it goes something like this:
She says that she is having a totally shitty day at work and I say "No you're's a good day." I say things like, "You should be happy that you have a job and are working... This is a good thing." "Some people would love to have any kind of a job right now,
and you HAVE one."
I give myself a similar pep-talk all the time. Sure it runs against the grain of every emotion that one is feeling at the time, but somehow it breaks up the downward spiral and gets thing moving again. Me, I find it kind of funny and even refreshing in a way. My wife, I always thought, found it to be one of those things, if not the thing about me that she once might have found charming only to later make her want to kill me. Well, things seem have come full circle. I am not sure when this happened but but maybe it is a fallout form the economic disaster going on. Anyway- I am happy that she now finally finds this way of thinking to be charming.

Is funny, there was a period of my life when my wife would tell people that I was maybe the funniest person that she had ever met. Maybe it was all the responsibility that goes along with that title, but when I would hear this I would often cringe.. Anyway, I have not heard this in years I am sorry to say. But I am more than happy to have moved on to be credited with being the inventor of some game that apparently has some remarkable effect on her, even though I can't figure out where she got this idea from either.


Lorrie Veasey said...

She actually still does say that about you--just not within your hearing distance.

And make sure if you play the game TODAY that you add in this line:

"you should be happy you have such an opportunity to lose gracefully to The Veaseys at bowling tonight. Some people never get the chance to allow The Veaseys to wipe the lane with their faces."

Cuz I'm psychic like that.

kip said...

Now you know what "The Game" is like in my house.

BooBs said...

Honey, I still think you are the funniest person I've ever met. And I mean that in so many different ways.

The Wife

david kramer said...

Turn that upside down frown around because we are going to beat you!!! Loorie Veasey
How is that for motivational speaking?

Anonymous said...

Haha, I tell myself the same thing before work almost every day. It really does help most of the time.

david kramer said...

Keep helps.