Saturday, November 22, 2008


I was very pleased to see that Hillary Clinton will be our next Sec. of State. I look forward to hearing her called Madame Secretary. I am extremely proud of this accomplishment.
I don't really care so much that she will have this job or title; that will hardly have any affect on my personal life. What I am proud of is that I thought of it first. It was MY idea. I was lobbying for this since back in the primaries, when she and the President-Elect were still duking it out. I said back then that Mr. Obama should make her an offer that she couldn't refuse. He was clearly in the position of position, and she still would not get out of his way.
And then, back in August, when Sarah Palin appeared on the scene, and fooled everyone into thinking that she might be the next Ronald Reagen, I wrote a personal note to Barak Obama, on Facebook, and pleaded with him to get Hillary on board his team. I told Barak, 'Offer her the Secretary of State' and get her to do all the dirty work of dismissing Palin as the phoney version of a woman in waiting that she was.

I knew that if Biden played the role of attack-dog, as VP Candidates are often asked to do, he would have planted his foot so firmly in his mouth that the McCain/Palen?Rove ticket would have somehow grabbed victory out of defeat.

I am happy that Mr. Obama listened to my Facebook please. I am proud of myself for my strategical insight. I think things will be alright with this country, just you wait and see. Mr. Obama... Barak. You don't have to give me any credit. It's fine. I don't need any of that. Just keep checking in on my notes on Facebook.Keep up the good work.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your strategic brilliance! Shouldn't you get a bonus for that?

Anonymous said...

What would they do without you David...Im getting called Hilary at work as I was knocked back on a Im now the power behind the man who got

Shonda Little said...

I'm so glad you steered Barack. Will you send him another facebook message pleading for him to boot Gates and replace him Chuck Hagel?

david kramer said...

I'm on it.
Hagel is Da'Man.