Thursday, November 13, 2008


You have been chosen as a grant beneficiary for the sum of 500,000.00 USD
from the board of United Nations Organization. You are required to
contact the Executive Secretary of UN (UK branch) for more informations
on how to claim your grant.

I am one of those people who does not believe anything that I read on the Internet. I don't believe that I can have a bigger cock,
I don't believe that I can work from home and make lots of money with no inventory to speak of, and I doubt very much that I can make my wife happier just by ordering Viagra from India. And I seriously doubt the E-Mail that I received this morning which I have posted above....
This disbelief is probably my biggest source of trouble that I keep walking into. I am so full of doubt that I believe that I too can say anything that I want, and get away with it. That no one takes seriously anything that they read on the World Wide Web. This can be true for my personal E-Mails, and most certainly true for this Blog. I write it because it sounds good. Because I think that things are funny and the combination of words will make people laugh out loud, and entertain them. It's hard news as satire.
It's sort of like FOX News over here. (lol)

Yesterday I complained about being "fucking broke". (See posting : A SUPPORTIVE AND CARING SPoUSE IS HARD TO FIND). This is a relative statement and is completely true in its general way, as it embellishes a story or riff that I am working on. Someone anonymously complained that I was being disingenuous, in the comments page. All I can say is that they are correct. I am totally disingenuous. That's show business. IF you want some hard facts and journalism with proper vetting, I suggest you go elsewhere. (not FOX News...). But if you want to be entertained, that is what I am going to try my best to do. Please keep coming back for more. I appreciate all visits. And comment all you like... but leave your name.

Now you will have to excuse me as I have a 500,000 USD to claim from the board of United Nations Organization.
I just have to send my bank account and social security number, and then wait for the money to roll in. The Internet has made me rich!
Today really is a GOOD DAY


Anonymous said...

Well I for one am being entertained David... if I let the truth get in the way of a good yarn life would be pretty dull and uneventful...keep em coming mate.

ps I keep getting emails from America saying Ive won all sorts of money and lotteries...must be a nation of gamblers as Im sure i read somewhere they are running out of money...go figure

david kramer said...

Good luck with the Lotteries and thanks.
We are rubbing two sticks together here, hoping for fire.

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't want to believe?

Anonymous said...

Actually you're overqualified to work at Fox News. There is still a grain of truth to what you write.

david kramer said...

That is true. Back in my heavy drinking days I would often refer to that "grain" as the distilled version
of the truth.

Anonymous said...

It makes a change from offers of penis enlargements!

Spatula said...

Heh, if you got a mean comment, you have reached an important milestone as a blogger. Someone cared enough to flame you! Have a cookie.

david kramer said...

Thanks for the above comment, spatula.
It means a lot to me to hear this. ANd let me say that
I am a totally willing to accept these comments...but leave your name with it.

Jessica the Minx said...

Anonymous comments drive me nuts...but says more about them than your blog. I love a good debate with those that dont agree with me.

The fact that he haggled over a post two weeks ago gave me a laugh, what a giddy

Anonymous said...
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