Thursday, November 6, 2008


I was so excited by the election and results this past Tuesday.
It seemed like my entire life had been put on hold and then swept up into a giant wave of emotion.
But like most waves, ultimately it has to crash onto the shore and sometime
in the middle of yesterday afternoon my metaphorical hangover began to take hold and
I started to wonder what I was going to do now.
I am happy and excited for Mr. Obama, but I was deeply disappointed that he has already started to assemble his
cabinet, and I did not even got a phone call, much less an interview.
I would have made an excellent Chief of Staff. So now I am back to where I started
a few weeks ago before I became so absorbed in finding HIM a job. Now is the time for me to start thinking about getting my own self back to working.... I am going to start trying to accomplish my goals.
I am going to finally start the business that I have been thinking about. Its time to finish that novel. It is time
to train for that Marathon that I keep promising myself that I will run before my knees need to be replaced.
I want to learn Spanish. I intend to be a better father. I want to figure out what kind of art to make
now that I can no longer try to make a living complaining about how some people
never seem to get what they deserve no matter how hard they try.
Now that I fianally saw that hard work and preceverance can actually get
the things that you want,
I am going to start setting resonable goals.
I am going to have to start working on the things
that will make my own life better.
Or I am going to have to, at the very least,
come up with a new list of viable excuses.


Spatula said...

Heh, I actually feel like kicking my own ass because of Mr. Obama and what he has been able to accomplish. Dammit, we are out of free passes to whinerdom.

david kramer said...

No more feeling sorry for yourself....Hmmmm.
this is not going to be easy.
Thanks. DK

Lorrie Veasey said...

As a jewish man, isn't a lot of that genetic?

And I mean that in the nicest. most non-bigoted way, of course.

kip said...

Remember I am running that Marathon with you.

I am also having some weird feelings following the election. We spent so much time trying to convince anyone who would listen that this guy was the right one to fix what is wrong with this country. That not only was he the best candidate in this election, but that he was some kind of uber leader who would fix everything that was wrong. Now he has to go do it, and it is going to be very very hard. That makes me uneasy. Extremely optimistic, but uneasy. And that is ok. At least I am not pissed like i have been for the last 8 years.

BooBs said...

Kip-Just by getting elected and breaking color barrier, he has already changed the playing field.
Sure there is a ton of work to be done, and sure a ton of people are going to hate him, but at least it isn't the same old bitterness. I read Tom Friedman in the NY Times who said that the Civil War finally ended on election night. I kind of know what he means.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, we still technically have 74 more days to whine.

Robyn said...

ok, so this is waaaay outdated but i just found your blog thanks to your nytimes article and just wanted to thank you for articulating what i could only feel. the euphoria is over and now i worry. and i look to myself and i wonder if i really do think "yes we can." then i think "damn, i'm a downer. i really need to get over myself." anyway, keep up the amazing artwork and the articulation for those of us that are, perhaps verbose, but never quite articulate. i'll, in the meantime, continue to enjoy your blogs.