Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Economic Stimulus Hot Air

When I went to college a couple of decades go, I graduated with a degree in Painting. I also minored in
Economics and really, for a short time there flirted with the idea of becoming an economist. I love
economics, it was just the math that was really of no interest to me. But the the theory part always
interested me.So, that said, let me weigh in here on this Economic Stimulus stuff going on....

I understand why you need to give money to the banks because I understand why they need to
feel confident enough to extend credit. With out credit, business is going to come to a hault. We need to
allow the banks to lend out money so that businesses feel confident about making their payroll, etc etc etc.

But here is what I want to see happen right now. I want the country to build a new 2009 version of the Hoover Dam.
What I mean is I want the government to start building windmills. I want the country to retrofit factories and start building thousands of windmills. Then I want the government to buy up land and start placing these things out there and then start
wiring them all up and then creating energy and a grid to harness all of this power. I don't know the math. That is my problem here but what I think is that this will create jobs and power and a source of income while spending lavishly to stimulate the economy. And it will give us a lasting legacy that we will all look back on one day and say that this was something that was accomplished during our own depression era. Because one the economy does finally get itself back on its feet, there will not be any legacy other than the bill that will need to get paid for generations to come.



knithound brooklyn said...

I am with you on the windmills, but I also believe the push toward windmill technology should come from the market place - so government giving grants to companies who are focused on this would be a good thing. Take a look at Vestas, for instance.

Mark said...

i could not agree more, mate... if we are going to let our government go spend billions --- trillions even of our money, let's have something lasting to show for it that actually benefits the country and the world as well.

david kramer said...

I am hoping that the legacy of all this will be something other than a cancelled check. DK