Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In Your Facebook

I've been thinking a lot about the idea of having a Blog and comparing it to having a Facebook page. Both have their ups and downs for sure. I mean I have exposed myself pretty much all the way on my blog. Saying things in print that I would never admit to in public, and yet since virtually no one ever comments, I feel OK with this. Oh sure, every couple of days I check in on my Analytics to see if anyone is paying attention, and what new countries I've gotten visits fro. People are looking in it seems, but in general, other than the occasional comment of admiration, I haven't really been too surprised by anything that's happened over here.

Now Facebook is another story. I can't even remember why I signed up for Facebook but I have been keeping a page there for pretty much as long as I've been blogging. And people keep on turning up out of the woodwork and it is starting to freak me out.
I've been invited to join a group from my elementry school and even got a shout out from a kid who used to beat people up in the boy's room at school. He's a member of the group!
I've heard from all sorts of people whom I have not literally thought of once since even before the very last time I ever saw them. From all sorts of segments in my life.

I've met some new people. I got asked to be a Facebookfriend recently by two different art dealers that I have never met.After agreeing to their offers of friendship, I've been offered shows by both of them. It turns out I am apparently going to do art shows with both of them in the next month or so. Between all these new connections and old I have been kind of digging the hole Facebookthing.

Over the past couple of days my Facebookuneasiness has started to kick in. It first started when I started getting these "25 things" lists from people, list 25 things that I din't know about their personal lives. But that was nothing... I honestly don't like knowing too much about people. But the 25 List is nothing compared to what happened yesterday. I heard from -on Facebook- an old roommate from 1989. I haven't spoken to this guy probably since then. Completely out of touch. And the reason he is reaching out to contact me...to tell me that this other dude that we used to all hang out with from back then---is a woman. He is a she!
I found out yesterday that this guy who I have not talked to in 15 years, or thought about in at least 10 years, if not more; who used to be named Martin, now has tits and long red hair and a website and goes by the name Michelle. Michelle is a woman and an escort. And when I look on his website, I can actually see pictures of his paintings from the 1980's in a section on his/her artwork. S/he says that She "used to be an artist...and now I am the artwork..."
There is a picture of her running on the beach---topless! And it turns out, in her "about me" section, she was trying on her mother's dresses the whole time that I knew him back then.
I NEVER would have known any of this if my other friend had not "found me" on Facebook and clued me in. And now I know! Boy to I love the Information Super Highway. ( there's a term that I haven't heard in a while...)
All I can say is Thank goodness for Facebook. Who needs a fucking blog. I am going to stop wasting my time time trying to be entertaining.


Steve Emery said...

Okaaaay. This was quite the ride. I came here from the Blogroll at "That's Why" and this was some kinda first post!

So when I first arrived I thought, "Pretty girl, lovely body, nice understated breasts." So it was a shocker to read the end of your story! I can just imagine finding out about my art school room mates. Maybe not.

I laughed at your parting remarks.

Gotta go look at your artwork, now.

david kramer said...

Thanks a lot. i appreciate your comments/
Lots of surprises on the internet...

david kramer said...
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Bj in Dallas said...

waaahhh,,, I don't do Facebook, but maybe I should. Hey David, if I give you a heads up, could I put your artwork on my blog (with of course your name) I love the one of the Motel sign.....I'm going through a divorce and wanted to use it for Valentines day since I'm a little bitter right now.......letta me know.
Great story about Martin/Michelle, who knew?

Gabriel Boray said...

I keep seeing your comments on the same blogs I'm visiting and I drank too much coffee to stay up to paint more, after nearly two months off I can't stop once I start, so I clicked on your name and landed here. You're pretty funny, I needed a laugh.Thanks, I'm subscribing.

Tomaso Alba said...

Chillax!!! Don't take drastic decisions. Facebook is just to know what other people is doing (like changing gender), but no to express yourself.

And thats all.



kip said...

i think she's kinda hot.

david kramer said...

You are a brave man, Kip...

Emily said...

Hey, David.

(FYI: I found your blog after you published in the NYT. The ultimate in publicity!)

Great post. I'm in pretty deep with Facebook, too. But a word of warning about relying too much on any one web platform: http://informationvalet.wordpress.com/2009/02/06/information-investment-on-an-unstable-aka-free-platform/


Lorrie Veasey said...

OK- I had a brilliant comment but it flew right out of my head once I realized my husband has some lust for your old roomate.

Maybe I should put out more.

NOW, see: could i leave that comment on freeking facebook? I think not: seeing as i don't know how to work that network. I guess blogger is for grandmas like me.

david kramer said...

Yea...his comment was a little too enthusiastic or something.

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