Friday, February 20, 2009


Programing notes:
I will be attempting to to a performance tonight!

Fri 02/20

THE BLOWHOLE THEATER HOLIDAY WINTERLUDE. Put together by Life In A Blender's Don Rauf, this yearly event brings together a variety of eccentric, endocentric and exocentric acts such as accordionists, monologuists, actors and the dreaded singer-songwriter.
I am going to do a little performance here tonight but also Susan Mitchell and the Rest of here gang of Radio Play cohorts will be performing and a host of talented and funny folks. THis is an annual fun event that works it way onto the calendar tonight to celebrate CHristmas' pPast? Present?? Future???
@Barbes 376 9th St. (corner of 6th Ave.) Park Slope, Brooklyn 347 422 0248

Also- coming up soon:
I am going coastal with a show in LA;opening=1834
and in NYC
Both are opening the first week of March so I 've been
running around like crazy.

Anyway- Stop in to Barbes if you a around>Love to catch up.


Lorrie Veasey said...

I am sorry I missed this but we will be at your show in NYC for sure.

david kramer said...

It was fun on Friday.
I sang along to a homemade kareoke
video of Rhinestone COwboy...