Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I recommend

I have a book recommendation here. And not because I happened to do the cover of the book.
I have never met Mary Miller, nor had I read her work before. BIG WORLD published by HOBART Press from Ann Arbor.
The editor of the book is a great supporter of my work. That's how I ended up doing the cover.
Anyway- the stories in this book are great. They are written in a blend of Raymond Carver meets disaffected young woman who has to deal with life while saddled with the tragedy of being both good at nothing and terribly pretty. Unlike this type of character that Miller continues to write about throughout her stories, Miller is talented. She's a terrific writer with a great handle on details and emotions and the sadness of the human condition.
In one story she writes about being a terrible waitress who only keeps her job by sleeping with her boss. And she even fucks that all up too by not being able to carry through on being an adequate girlfriend when the boss dumps his original girlfriend and wants her to fill the original's shoes. In her stories about Temp office workers and going home for funerals are all written is a style, like Carver, that makes the ordinary and familiar compelling and worthy of the phrase, page turner.
You should get a copy and read it.


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