Thursday, February 26, 2009

What We Talk About When We Are Not Talking About Love

I admit that when all else fails I talk about the weather. I admit that I have reached for the lowest common denominator when bumping into a neighbor or ridding an elevator. Small talk is something that I am not very good at. I often need a little subject matter to get me going. So today is a beautiful day. The very end of February and it feels like the end of March. Cool. Pleasant.
And yet all day long all I can do is complain to anyone willing to listen that this is odd and that the weather shouldn't be this good. Like what the fuck is going on here.
I think the reality is that I am wishing for some bad weather. I mean I like winter to be over with as much as anyone, but my natural calendar and my inner alarm clock are both telling me that I should be suffering from seasonal depression and the winter dull drums. This is the point in time during all winters when I start taking drastic measures and buy airline tickets to get out of town, or become compulsively interested in things like college basketball. Anything to forget it is winter.
Only today, for all intensive purposes is gorgeous. For February, it is simply fabulous.
And yet I keep on finding myself involved in little small talk vignettes, and in each and every case, I can not help myself but be the voice of doom and gloom that this good weather cannot be good for us and that this mild winter is just going to cost us something down the road.
It is boring even for myself.
I am going to have to find something else to talk about when I am making small talk...I have to think of something else to say that lots of people can relate to without serving up the heavy dose of bad attitude... There's got to be something that we all can relate too....

Hey-did you see that Michelle Obama's got the girls doing choirs around the house?
How's that for quick thinking? Only my kid thinks I stupid when I bring up that one.


ak47 said...

I know you wrote a post about how you don't edit yourself when you write a blog post, and I think that's great because you give us two mistakes that, I think, are linguistic gems.

1: the winter doldrums = the winter dull drums
2: all intents and purposes = all intensive purposes

Personally, I like your versions better. Seriously.

david kramer said...

I did go back and change AIDs from Aides...It was one that needed a little help. DK