Monday, February 9, 2009

Mean Spirited Observations

Here is something weird that happened over the weekend in the
wake of all of this economic disaster going on all over the place.
I went out to Nassau County this weekend, my son was invited to a birthday party on Saturday night. The party was in Hempstead at this place called Dave and Buster's and
if I didn't know any better, I was in a casino in Vegas. I mean there was so much going on between the sports bar and the bowling and pool tables and game rooms. There was even a theater for bands to play. I mean the place was fucking huge. And the place was packed. I mean people filling up every table, chair , bar stool video game, bowling lane and toilet stall. Crazy. And people spending money like it was 2006.
The parking lot was full up too.
So I am wondering, with all of this chaos and uncertainty why are people out on Long Island throwing there money down the toilet still.
Then it occurred to me that this was "Culture" for these people.
I admit that I am totally a snob, but that is it. If these people weren't spending all their money and time in shopping malls and in places like this, Long Island would be fill with serial rapists and sex offenders and mass murderers. And drug addicts.
Which kind of is the way it is out there anyway. I mean anyplace were Billy Joel and Joey Budaffucco can grab all the attention can't have much else going on.
Here is my economic stimulus plan: Start building a wall to keep those fuckers over there. Because when they finally realize how hallow their lives are over there, I don't want them all driving into Manhattan.


knithound brooklyn said...

i can't believe this hasn't started a firestorm! hee hee.

david kramer said...

I say this, and some of my best friends live in Nassau County....