Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spring is in the Air

I know it is only mid February, but all this mild weather has me day dreaming about spring. I know there is still much of winter still to get through. We still have to get all the way through March before I will truly believe that we are out of the woods of snow and shit weather. I just hope that these few beautiful days here in the middle of February don't make those crappy days in March even more unbearable.
Although I wouldn't mind a blizzard or something if it will get us to finally stop wasting our time talking about steroids.
Who really gives a shit at this point? There are plenty of other things to talk about.
And I mean even more than the weather, to..


sometimes constance said...

Why don't we just end the controversy and force everyone to use steroids? That way all are on a level playing field?

david kramer said...

I could have used some when I was back in the little league....