Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Come'on. Let's Get Real...

I am not sitting here defending Alex Rodriguez for doing steroids. Lord knows I don't give enough of a shit to lift a finger to type any words that might defend him. But I want to make one observation here and that is, if there was a performance enhancing drug out there that made you better at what you did if you took it, and if you were already great at what you did but this would make you arguably the best and bring to you all of the attention and accolades and riches that come along with being so great at what you did, wouldn't you take it?
I would.
For years I drank to excess because I thought it helped me to be better at my job. I took drugs and did all kinds of
activities that bordered on illegal and at times crossed that boarder because I thought it would help me. Give me insight. Give me an edge or an angle that my contemporaries lacked. I wanted to be the best. I worked my ass off to make myself the best. And I did all of these "bad" things because I thought they helped. And I swear I am not just looking back trying to justify my sloppy mistakes. In fact, I will tell you right now that if I had two nickels to rub together as result of all of my hard work to show you as proof that this strategy actually worked, I would run over to the closest deli and spend them on beer and cigarettes and
anything else that made my cash register ring with sales.

So don't be so hard on A-Rod. Believe it or not, he is only human.
He may not be likable or even all that interesting of a person outside of the ball park,
but he was just trying to get better at what he did. You want to call him a cheater,
fine. He's a cheater. But all the cheating that I've ever done didn't get me into Harvard
so give that guy a little credit. Not that he needs my support.
He can afford his own entourage.